11/16 Feature

sc2 1117 game pic trim low

I think the image pretty much says it all (sorry for those sensitive to profanity, but it would still be pretty obvious even with a blur).

Against Protoss I really like doing stargate plays. You can do an early oracle harass, use the oracle as a scout, or go in to void rays, which absolutely wreck stalkers in the early game when their charge is on. Hopefully I avoid the temptation of just trying to win games with mass void rays. So in this game I decided to go with a three gateway, single stargate build, with a fairly early oracle. Right when I hit my opponent with my oracle, he hit me with his oracles (jokes on me for not scouting very well). Unfortunately for him, my oracle survived the encounter, and his oracles were not so fortunate. When I decided to make another poke in to his supply line, I was greeted with a very friendly gg.


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