SC2 12/10 2s Featured Game

Dragging out Games is My Specialty

This was fairly long one, clocking in at about 35 minutes. All terran players went for variations of marine, marauder, and medivac builds (3M), with the opponents (teal and purple) choosing to supplement there’s with mech and early ghosts (see next paragraph), and Captain (blue) going for a pure 3M build. I decided to go for a 3 gate robotics build with an early push to colossus.

Screenshot2013-12-10 21_56_50

On a somewhat surprising note, the teal terran player decided to go early ghosts and nukes. Ghosts are typical a late game unit, but emp and strategic nukes can have a strong impact at any point during the game. Unfortunately ghosts are expensive and have a lower damage output than marines or marauders. The teal terran did get some decent nuke hits on Captain’s expansions and main base though, but as seen above, some of his nuke hits were not quite as successfully (though, I do not know for certain IF the destruction of this building supply blocked him or not).

Screenshot2013-12-10 21_57_07

This was their first push in to our bases (same push as that from first picture), but with the assistance of my recently spawned colossus, we were able to push it back. They did leave some widowmines on the ramp, which lead to me wondering why some of my units were mysteriously dying.

Screenshot2013-12-10 22_00_27

Later in the game, teal decides to secure some ninja expos in the bottom corner of the map. I should note that teal had by far the latest expansion (at about the 13 minute mark). The command center that flew behind the rocks went unnoticed until the end of the game, but Teal did not appear to take full advantage of this additional income (purple almost always had a larger army than him with the same or less bases).

Screenshot2013-12-10 22_01_07

cc deny montage

Strategic pylon base denial! Oddly enough, he just flies the command center away when he cannot land it here. Sorry, I just thought it was funny.

Screenshot2013-12-10 22_02_58

After most of the players move on to our third expansions, purple decides to move out with his forces, probably looking to destroy some of our expansions. Regrettably for him, my observer spots him leaving his base and Captain and I catch his forces in the middle of the map. This picture does show that Captain and I still need to work a bit on coordinating our forces during an attack, but everything worked out for us this time.

Screenshot2013-12-10 22_05_28

We try a few times to penetrate their main entrance way, but we get pushed back right before breaking the other team each time. The siege tanks positioned near the entrance ramp are especially helpful in halting our advances.

Screenshot2013-12-10 22_06_26

Captain decides to drop a large force in the enemies base to start hacking away at their infrastructure, which works well because the other team cannot move and leave the front ramp vulnerable.

Screenshot2013-12-10 22_09_24

With a large portion of Teal’s base in ruins, we continue to build up our forces and eventually move in to finish them off. The other team appeared to be upset at losing this one, made even more apparent by the fact that they refused to leave the game until we demolished all of their structures. Overall, a pretty good back and forth, with the other team not breaking easily.


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