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Scarlett’s Baneling Surprise

This highlight from this year’s Red Bull Battle Grounds New York StarCraft 2 tournament is a bit old at this point, but this clip still makes me all giddy. Bomber (Terran) has Scarlett (Zerg) on the ropes at this point, … Continue reading

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SC2 Ladder Update

Greetings All. (also hey, I finally have a graphic!) Just a short update on my StarCraft 2 activity. I have not been playing that many 1v1 games recently due to life stuff and playing quite a bit of StarCraft 2 with … Continue reading

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SC2 Comic: Landing Sequence Interrupted

    In one of my 2v2 games in StarCraft 2 I built a pylon to help my team keep track of the other team’s potential expansions. I assumed that some enemy units would just destroy the pylon. Instead, my … Continue reading

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90’s Alternative Second Song Selection

My next selection for a song that exemplifies 90’s Alternative is “I Think I’m Paranoid” by Garbage. Garbage had a rich, slightly darker sound that relied heavily on distortion, electric guitars, and synthesizers (though this varied from song to song). … Continue reading

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Civilization 5 Short Guide and Updates

  I just finished putting together a fairly short guide (for this game anyway) with some of my personal tips on how to play Civilization 5 (see here). I am sure that other people are more proficient at this game than … Continue reading

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My Favorite Songs From the 90’s

While talking to a friend yesterday, he brought up the topic of Alternative Rock music from the 1990’s. I doubt that he realized how much of a fan I also was of that genre before bringing up this topic though … Continue reading

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StarCraft Christmas Comic

My wife made this for me today when I asked her to do an image for my blog. I think it’s definitely charming and fun. Thanks girl!

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