Scarlett’s Baneling Surprise

This highlight from this year’s Red Bull Battle Grounds New York StarCraft 2 tournament is a bit old at this point, but this clip still makes me all giddy. Bomber (Terran) has Scarlett (Zerg) on the ropes at this point, but Scarlett has a little surprise for him.

Oh banelings, just…. wow. I feel like Zerg players could be absolutely ridiculous if they used all the weapons in their arsenal (burrow, vipers, infestors, ect.). But when you have to manage queens, larvae, creep, drones, and army already, I can see how it is difficult to work in new elements.

Scarlett is an up and coming player for team Acer and probably the most successful female StarCraft 2 player (considering that I cannot even think of any other female players appearing in major tournaments).

Also, after you talk about banelings in any capacity, you need to watch this video and sing along:


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