Gold League in 2’s!

sc2 ladder post imageMy second StarCraft 2 goal for the season has now been realized. Captain and I just got in to Gold League in 2’s the other day! Feel free to check out the recap of our last Silver League game here.

Getting to Gold League in 2’s was a bit strange for several reasons. When you play a game of 2’s, you don’t know what rank the other team is in 2’s, you don’t know if the other team is people who play together all the time or some random matching, and you don’t know if their rank in 1’s (silver, gold, ect.) will directly translate in to how good they are at 2’s. Also, Silver League in 2’s seems pretty random in regards to who you get paired against. We would play a game against a former diamond or masters player and then the next game would be against silver or bronze players (not sure if this is due to large amounts of ‘smurfers’ or MMR decay). This made it really difficult to get a genuine feel for what true Silver 2’s players were like and how good Captain and I really were as a team. One game we would feel great about our playing, and then the next game we would feel like we stink at SC2.

So, the other night we win a game against an okay team, lose to an obviously much better team, and then win against a not so great team. After that win we got promoted to Gold League. I never really felt like we were consistently dominating in Silver League, and the last game we played in Silver felt less than epic (as did several of our wins), but the SC2 overlords (otherwise known as some code or algorithm) decided that our time had come to be promoted. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about finally moving up to a new League, I guess I was just expecting trumpets, fanfare, epic music, and an intense final game on some level. I understand that that is never what happens, and I am sure that there is some valuable life lesson here that I am not seeing.

Hopefully we can continue to get better and move up to Platinum League some day! As always, you can check out our progress in 2’s here.


About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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