New Ceramics Project

It has been a few years since I worked with polymer clay (or done any artistic work really). I was always preoccupied with other things or not feeling particularly inspired. I also had a large collection of polymer clay scraps that I needed to work until they were usable again (the package says soft until you bake, but that’s not entirely true), and that didn’t seem very appealing. I finally got my scraps in usable condition again, so it felt like a good time to start another clay project.

My wife gave me the idea of making a dragon inspired bookend. The pictures below are the beginning of that project. This is also my first time construction an armature (out of flexible modeling wire and aluminum foil) for my work. I am sure that what I have done is fairly primitive, and there are probably better ways to do it, but I just wanted to dive in and see what happens on this one. Hopefully my first attempt at this approach will work and I will be able to keep making solid progress on this work! I also am putting together a section on my previous work in clay located here: Clay Sculpture, so please check that out as well.




About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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