Dangerously Quick Reviews: Mutant Blob Attacks!

So I want to incorporate some video game reviews in to my blog to let people know about what I’m playing and what games might be fun for them to check out. I’m not really looking to do in-depth reviews (lots of other people do that, and they probably do it better than me), but maybe a brief summary and whether I think the game is worth checking out.

So, for my first attempt, and my first review, I will be looking at an indie puzzle game called Tales From Space: Mutant Blob Attacks! released on February 21, 2012 from Drinkbox Studios. This game currently has an 86 score on Metacritic from professionals and 8.5 from users (though I think Metacritic isn’t the best place to get a solid feel for how good a game is, it does give a decent general perception). The game currently costs $8 on Steam (I got it for around $3 on sale).


Game Main Title Screen 

As you can see from the title screen, the game is going for a sort of retro 50’s or 60’s science fiction vibe (attack of the pod people, the blob, ect.), and the music follows this same theme. I think that it adds a fun element to the game, but most of the game I didn’t really take special notice of it. There is a plot in the game, but there really isn’t much to it (which is perfectly okay for a short puzzle game).


Eat Food to Grow Your Blob!

The main mechanic of the game is to eat food (like that pictured above), which makes the blob grow bigger and bigger. As your blob gets larger, it eventually is able to eat larger and larger objects. Often your blob will run in to corks (stoppers) that block your progress until you get big enough to eat them. Typically finding food involves navigating a small puzzle with several different types of obstacles.


 Repel and Attract Your Blob from Metalic Surfaces (those glowing purple) to Navigate Puzzles

Some of the puzzles in this game involve elements like that pictured above. Here the glowing gears utilize the blobs ability to be attracted to or repelled from metal objects (which have a purple glow to them). Traps like the lasers and the spikes can damage or instantly kill your blob. You will also utilize abilities like telekinesis and wall jumping to achieve your goals. The game does an excellent job of slowly teaching you new techniques and game concepts, and then slowly ramps up the difficulty (I didn’t find any of it too difficult though, just a couple of deaths here and there). You also can try to find smaller blobs hidden in each level, get enough points to earn a gold medal, and beat other user’s high scores to add an extra challenge.

A single play through will only take you a few hours, but the game has a fun vibe, the puzzles have just enough of a challenge to them, and the game moves at a brisk pace and stays entertaining the whole time. If you enjoy 2D side scrolling casual puzzle games or are just looking for a fun short game to spend your Saturday with,  you should definitely check this one out.

Now I just need to come up with a cool rating / recommending system like: Danger Blog Approved! or Dangerously Fun! or Dangerific! Something to think about for the future… As always, thanks for reading!

Future Edit (July 8, 2014):

For consistency’s sake I am going to give this game 4 out of 5 stars in order to better match my current review scheme:

star resizedstar resizedstar resizedstar resizedstar resized dark


About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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2 Responses to Dangerously Quick Reviews: Mutant Blob Attacks!

  1. Eric Nelson says:

    How about “Danger Blob Seal of Approval!” as a way to rate it? I hadn’t noticed this game before on Steam and might have to check it out now. Nice review


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