My Dangerously Small New Terrarium

Some time ago I went to a gardening store, and I mentioned to my mother that I thought the terrariums they had were very interesting looking. So, a few months later she buys me a cookie jar and tells me that I should try to make my own. Luckily, finding simple how to guides on making a terrarium were easy enough to find through a Google search. From what I read a terrarium consists of a layer of stone at the bottom for drainage, a small layer of coal to help filter the water, and a final layer of soil deep enough to accommodate the roots of my selected plants (as you can probably make out from the bottom photo). Terrariums can also either be opened or closed. I chose to design mine to be closed because it typically requires less maintenance.

Selecting the plants was fairly simple, because the store I purchased them from had a section labeled ‘terrarium plants’. I had read some plant selections online, but I mainly selected plants based on cost (i.e. inexpensive) and visual appeal.

Unfortunately, my container was a bit too small (which I probably should have noticed prior to putting anything in). The plants are definitely going to hit the top of the container, but hopefully they will learn to adjust. Too late to start again now, so I will just have to see what happens.

Note to those aspiring terrarium creators out there, make sure your container is large enough (and then probably even go a bit bigger). Oh well, I still think it looks pretty, and this is just my first try.

DSCN2408 DSCN2407


About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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