Homestar Runner is Back with a New #1 Jam!

HSR fisheye lens

First things first, click here for the homepage for Homestar Runner: Second, watch the new video for the #1 Jam (because people have been without a #1 Jam for far too long). If you don’t know what Homestar Runner is you should probably click anyway, just to be safe. Also, keep in mind that everything is better with a fish-eye lens, especially rap videos.

When I was in college, my first roommate introduced me to a little site called I should mention that this was in the days before YouTube, so there was a bit more effort involved in finding humorous videos on the internet back then. Almost immediately I fell for the sites unique animation and especially its humor. I was certainly not the only one since Homestar Runner, as I understand it, was extremely popular back when the creators were making regular updates. Besides the occasional random video, the site has been inactive for the last several years though.

homestarrunner features a collection of typically short Flash (the Adobe program) style cartoons staring various animated characters such as Homestar Runner (image shown above). Most of the characters tend to be of the lovable misfit variety, and many of the site’s cartoons center around them get caught up in odd scenarios and situations. I feel like the humor tended to typically involve the characters poking fun at each other and did a good job of being just the right amount of silly and outrageous.

strong bad

Even though the site is named after Homestar Runner, most people I know seem to remember Strong Bad (shown above) and the cartoons he stars in the most. While Homestar Runner is more of a harmless, childish character with good intentions, Strong Bad is what many would refer to on the internet now as a ‘Troll’ or someone who loves to cause others grief. Strong Bad starred in one of the most popular cartoons on the site called ‘Strong Bad E-mails‘, where he would respond to e-mails, often very sarcastically, sent in by the fans (I never really knew if they were actual fan e-mails or not though). Typically he makes fun of various grammar and spelling mistakes in the e-mails, as well as the author and their question, and then goes on an often ridiculous and wacky journey to answer the questions posed in the e-mail. Often these journeys involve other characters from the site. I know that I have seen every ‘Strong Bad E-mail’ cartoon at least once, and many of them I have probably watched more times than I care to admit. I believe I watched the Strong Bad cartoon about writing an English paper every time before I started writing an English paper in freshmen year of college. And I did get an A in that class so, watching Strong Bad E-mails must help you get better grades.

Here are some of my favorite ‘Strong Bad E-mails’ on YouTube:

English Paper:

Techno Song:

Trogdor (drawing a dragon):


Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments below. Have a great weekend also!



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