The AGE OF ULTRON Avengers 2 Trailer Reaction

Tons of people have no doubt already put up a link for this trailer, but for those of you who have not seen one yet there it is. The trailer was apparently leaked the other day, which forced Marvel’s hand in officially releasing it early. I’m assuming they were originally planning to release the trailer with a new episode of their television show Agents of Shield in order to pull more people in to watching. Luckily Shield season 2 feels like a much better show than during season 1, so that should be enough reason to watch it already.

I’ve seen all the new Marvel movies except for Guardians of the Galaxy (hey, movies are expensive). Overall I’ve enjoyed them, but I’m starting to feel a little bit less excited every time a new Marvel film comes out. I understand that comic book movies are by their nature predictable and driven mostly by action, but I’m starting to feel as if I’m seeing the same movie over and over again. After I saw the new Captain America film my response to my wife about the film was: “well that was a fun film”. Since my wife and I are saving up for many important items in the near feature, maybe “it was fun” doesn’t justify a twenty-five dollars trip to the theater. Mind you, this feeling isn’t exclusive to just Marvel films, movies are just too expensive these days! I certainly plan on seeing every Marvel film when they come to home video though.

This trailer for Age of Ultron left me with some confusion and some mixed feelings. I don’t really understand who or what Ultron is or the main conflict in the film. I’m guessing he’s the melted looking robot who talks about having no strings though, who looks an awful lot like one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits to me. We also see a bunch of Iron Man suits (or possibly other Ultrons?) flying around at some points, but I’m not really sure if they have been corrupted, are fighting bad guys, or what (later we even seen a giant Iron Man fighting the Hulk). Then we get lots of shots of heroes looking upset and defeated, Bruce Banner seems to show up for many of these, and then of course general chaos and tons of stuff blowing up. Now I know, this is basically a teaser trailer so it is meant to be nebulous and unspecific, but the trailer just felt sort of unfocused to me. It’s hard to say exactly what my problem with the trailer is, but I’m just not feeling all that excited about this movie after seeing some things blow up and some dude with glowing evil eyes. Maybe this all seems like very familiar territory, and I’m getting a feeling that I’ve seen all of this before (technology turning against our heroes, conflict and tension among Shield members, the world in peril, fighting insurmountable odds, etc.). Call me a super hero and comic book hater if you must :).


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