Dangerously Personal October 29th: RPG Maker, Weekend Trip, and Halloween Week

This past week I started using a program called RPG Maker, currently owned by Enterbrain, for the first time ever. RPG Maker allows those of us not as familiar with video game programming (or programming in general) to create top down role-playing games similar to what was made during the Super Nintendo era of gaming. Potential game creators can utilize RPG Maker’s streamlined graphical interface and fairly intuitive tools to create characters, skills, classes, maps, and other elements central to making a role-playing game. For instance, users can create a map through painting pre-made tiles on to their map surface and customize various game attributes through a simple graphical and text database. All I’ve done so far is completed some of a tutorial from the RPG Maker website for a very basic game. So far this has included creating some characters, skills, items, and maps. I’m not certain what my goals are as far as creating any actual games, but I thought it would be a fun piece of software to check out. Even though the software may be fairly easy to understand, I have no doubt that creating a full game would take quite a lot of effort (especially if the game is balanced properly and well, actually any fun). As with any story telling medium, crafting an interesting and compelling story will probably be the most difficult part.

rpg maker image 2

RPG Maker Ace Interface

This last weekend I went with my Mother and Wife to the Shofuso Japanese Garden outside of Philadelphia. The garden had a very tranquil and peaceful feeling throughout the grounds, which were presented in a very tasteful, structured, and often simple style. Many elements of the garden are symbolic of Japanese culture, traditions, and beliefs. This style of garden is typical of Japanese inspired gardens, which often appear simple in their presentation but are actually the result of very meticulous planning, preparation, and maintenance. This garden also featured a fairly large recreation of a traditional Japanese home, which was a highlight of the gardens and something I have not seen before at other gardens. The garden was significantly smaller than other Japanese gardens I have been to before and overall less impressive, but it was still well put together and worth a visit.


Main Pond at Shofuso Japanese Garden

On a positive note, my visits to the Chiropractor appear to be helping with some of my back problems. My posture has improved by approximately fifty percent or more (in terms of deviation from a straight spine). I still have some tightness in my back and neck, but much of that is probably due to the process of readjusting my posture. Hopefully this will lead to better overall health in my life as well as solving some more immediate problems.

This week I plan on spending quite a bit of my free time watching and playing some Halloween movies and games in recognition of this spooky time of year.  I hope that I can find some that are fun but not too scary! I might do some write ups on some of them if I have some spare time.

As always, thanks for reading, have a great Halloween week, and please feel free to leave any comments about below!


About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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