Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Heavensward Announced

The first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has just recently been announced (check out the teaser trailer above). The expansion will be named Heavensward, which I believe is slatted for a Spring 2015 release.

Many new features have been announced including:

  • Increase in level cap to 60
  • Additional high level content (dungeons and raids)
  • A new race and new job classes
  • A new class: The Dark Knight, a tank that utilizes two-handed swords and dark magic
  • New Monsters
  • New Gear and Equipment
  • Flying mounts including unique chocobos and airships (larger versions can be built be free companies)
  • New areas and kingdoms, many which were created with flying unit exploration in mind (with features like floating islands)
  • New beast tribes and primals (which most likely means new primal fights)

ff 14 dark knightff14 flying chocobo

As I have said before, I greatly enjoyed playing Final Fantasy XIV in the past (and it was one of my favorite MMOs I have played so far this year), so this might add yet another compelling reason for me to get back into it in the future. All the new features feel pretty exciting and fresh to me, especially the potential for less linear exploration with flying mounts. I also am looking forward to the addition of more classes inspired by classic Final Fantasy games. If I disappear from the blogging world for a while next Spring, you all can probably guess why.

heavensword titleAre you excited about the new expansion? Feel free to leave any comments about that or other MMO related topics below and thanks for reading!


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