Some Recent Halloween Inspired Movie Picks

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Warning, there will be potential spoilers ahead, though possibly not any worse than watching a trailer for the movie. Here are some of the recent Halloween movies I’ve been watching and some quick reactions. Maybe I’ll even find something good, but that might require a more rigorous selection process beyond randomly picking movies on Netflix!

Dark Space (2013), on Netflix Instant

dark space

This low-budget science fiction alien movie features three guys and three girls who rent a spaceship to go on what seems like the future’s version of a spring break trip. As in many of these films, their personalities range from shy, geeky, and nerdy to loud, cocky, and overly confident. The space flight goes terribly wrong (shocking), and they end up on some alien world with, well, aliens. Some random evil high-tech hunting dudes also show up later. This movie seemed kind of promising at first as an entertaining bad movie. It starts off with some fairly entertaining grade F dialog about how great the trip is going to be, where everyone came from, and, of course, who is going to get laid. This film would have been more entertaining if the cheesy dialog had continued throughout or if the action scenes were a bit more corny and over the top. As it stands, most of the movie isn’t good enough to be good or bad enough to be funny. For an obviously low-budget mass-produced Sci-Fi film (that appears to be 90% shot on green screen), it’s certainly not the worst film (the acting is surprisingly okay!) but probably not worth your time, except possibly as background noise while you write your blog.

The Colony (2013), on Netflix Instant

the colony

In the future humans learn how to create advanced weather manipulation machines, but when they stop working correctly humans are stuck in a never ending ice age. Humans are forced to take shelter in crowded underground bunkers which they call colonies. When one colony goes dark, a small group is sent to investigate what happened. What they discover will shock and appall them and make them question if the same thing might happen in their own colony. The production values and acting for this movie are both pretty good, and the movie moves along at a fairly quick pace. The background and environment of the movie also feel well developed and interesting for a fairly generic horror movie. The violence can be a bit over the top and disturbing sometimes though. There isn’t much plot to speak of in this film, and all the characters feel pretty flat and uninteresting. Ultimately not that much really happens in the film besides normal people fighting some crazy people. A decent action horror movie watch if you are looking for something pretty mindless, but the film is ultimately forgettable.

Haunter (2013), on Netflix Instant

haunter movie

A slightly troubled teenage girl in a typical American family finds out that things are not what they seem in her home. After objects start randomly disappear from her home, she starts noticing that something strange is happening in her life. When she discovers the spirit of another girl she finds out the terrible truth of what has befallen her family. This film starts off with an intriguing premise and some spooky moments, but after the main plot details are revealed the film becomes much less interesting. The acting is decent and some points here for originality, but the movie has a low-budget look and feel and just isn’t that interesting or scary in the end.

So, not anything very exciting in this batch of films, but the Colony is okay if you just want to watch a straight forward horror movie.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments about horror / thriller movies below!


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