First Danger Blog BiWeekly Recap

I am considering publishing some blog recap posts on a fairly regularly interval. The purpose of these would be to highlight some of my recent posts. Currently, I feel like doing one of these every two weeks might work out well, but I might decide to extend that period to a month depending on how active I am on the blog. This post will feature content from any time in October, since I haven’t done any of these before.

As for the blog in general, this October has been by far my most popular month ever (and my most active month writing). I’ve had significantly more visitors and views than any other month. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to view my content! Maybe some day I’ll come up with a concrete purpose or a set posting scheduling for my blog to celebrate (but what fun would that be?). I can’t make any promises on how active I will be on the blog in the future, but I certainly plan on doing more writing when I get the chance. I have a long list of topics I still want to write about at some point, so lack of ideas will not hold me back at least.

Below are some of the posts I wanted to highlight for the month of October.

Who are the “True Gamers”?: Inspired by my reaction to a GamerGate article written by Chris Kluwe, my thoughts on people who see themselves as the only real gamers (or gaming elite) due to the games they play or their attitude towards gaming

Dangerously Personal Beginnings and Endings: Some of my reactions to an interesting and emotional weekend where I attended a funeral for my Grandparents and a gender reveal party for my friend’s baby

Mosaic Project Update: An update of my current progress on my second ever mosaic art project

What’s my Favorite 2014 MMO so Far?: A short recap of the MMOs I have played thus far for my MMO Search 2014 posts, and what my current favorites have been so far

So, there we have it, my first recap post! Please feel free to leave any comments about any of these posts below, and as always thank you for reading!


About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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