Welcome to My Minecraft House

I started playing the video game Minecraft for the first time about a year ago. Obviously I’m a bit late to the scene (the game was originally released in 2011). One of my friends had talked about playing the game several times before, but I was worried that the game could take up too much of my time or just quickly become repetitive and boring. We had previously sunk quite a few hours into the game Terraria (which can basically be described as a two dimensional version of Minecraft). I finally decided to check the game out when I saw some videos on a YouTube channel called LagTV (known mostly for StarCraft 2 content). In these videos the channel hosts were playing Minecraft but with modification packages that other users had created. I was amazed by all the tools and machines users could build utilizing this user created content. I was intrigued as I watched them build sorting machines, jet packs, and advanced harvesting tools, just to name a few things. There also appeared to be a definite progression involved in developing new items and machines. I liked the idea of starting with primitive wooden harvesting tools and wood fired ovens and gradually advancing towards more advanced technology. These advances appeared to unlock new ways to harvest resources, build structures, and interact with the world. Minecraft also looked like a great game to play casually with friends and still have the ability to just relax and talk about life.

As I feared, I have played quite a few hours of Minecraft now. I play with the Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved Modification package for those who are interested (or have any clue what that means). I frequently played with my friends over the weekend, but I also spent quite a few hours playing solo. It also turned out to be a excellent game to play while watching some videos on YouTube or Netflix. I’m now the guy flying around with a jet pack, smashing down walls with a few swings of my hammer, and donating any materials my other friends need (though ironically they always seem to ask for the one random thing I don’t have), while they haven’t upgraded much further than iron pickaxes. I’ve definitely had some fun times playing the game, and I thought now would be a good time to post some pictures of the things I’ve built so people can check them out. I’m not even remotely close to being an expert at Minecraft as far as knowledge or ability, and I’m certain that other people have made structures that make mine look like a joke. I’m not trying to show off at all, and my main goal is just to share what I’ve built. I’ll probably try to do a video later, but I’ve never done any game recording before.

I still play with my friend on the weekends, but I don’t play very much solo any more. I’ve gotten most of the equipment and machines that I’m interested in. I’m certain that I haven’t even investigated half or more of the total content the game has to offer though. The game also loses a bit of its fun when you can fly, have machines that mine materials for you, and are basically indestructible. There are still some structures I’m interested in building, so I’ll probably play a bit by myself once in awhile. Playing Minecraft can still be relaxing and rewarding, but I don’t get as much satisfaction playing the game as I use to since I’ve discovered so much already. I also have no interest in starting a new world and doing this all over again. I have plenty of other games I need to get to. So with that, enjoy some of my, and my friends, work below.

My First Minecraft House



Front of Home and Entrance of My First House

Pictured above is the front of the first house I built. It’s more of a hodgepodge of buildings and additions that I continuously added as I discovered new machines and needed places to put them. The large tower structure on top is filled with wind turbines that power all the electronic devices in the home, but they don’t show up unless you are close to them. The bridge leads to my friend’s home base on the other side of the river. My first house tended to have rather basic rectangle shaped rooms. I started with the area directly at the top of the steps, with basically a large box, and then continuously built out from that area to incorporate new elements into the home.


View of the Back of the House

Here is the backside of the house (opposite the entrance way). The waterfalls move water wheels that generate a small amount of electricity, but they are mostly for looks. The large wooded structure contains devices which produce bio-fuel. After setting up the bio-fuel production area I realized that I don’t really need bio-fuel for anything I am doing. I think that describes quite a few things I’ve done in Minecraft.


Automated Farming Area on the Side of the House.


Front Entrance with Crafting Stations and Storage Area

The area pictured above was initially the whole home. I imagine that is how many first Minecraft homes first start out though, with a very simple box shape. This storage area was my first attempt at an automated sorting system, which used a network of sorting pipes to guide items to a particular chest. I would say the results were moderately successful at best, but on the plus side I did spend a ton of time setting it up.


Upstairs Bedroom



Basement and Workshop Area

The basement is where I placed all of the machines for making and processing parts. I was always constantly taking apart, expanding, and reorganizing this room to accommodate my new machines and all the various wires and item pipes connected to them. Amazingly, this space was at least moderately functional, even though it probably doesn’t look like it.



Sub Basement Magical Area

This is the Sub basement where I stored all my witch craft (thaumcraft) equipment. This  is probably my favorite room to look at in my old house. I really enjoy how the colors make this room look like a hidden basement where someone might actually brew a potion or cast a spell.


Side Arial View of Home

And that was most of the rooms in my first Minecraft house. I probably have the most fond memories of playing the game while designing this house, because the whole game was still new to me at that point and there were many things to discover. Here’s an aerial view of the structure as we move on to some of our other structures.


My Wife’s House

My wife also plays a little bit of Minecraft with me so I wanted to include a few pictures from her home. She decided to build entirely underground. One of the major downsides to that is you can constantly hear monsters groaning on the other sides of the walls. I enjoy the secluded, subterranean feel of the home, like it’s a secret bunker built to survive the apocalypse. In this case I suppose it helps protect against skeletons and zombies.


Main Entrance


Middle Level

The waterfall goes all the way through the structure down the middle.


Bottom Level


Underwater Window Room

It’s a fairly simple and sparse structure, but my wife hasn’t played nearly as much as I have. She also enjoys going out and exploring more than building or making stuff in her house. I definitely have read quite a few guides and websites on Minecraft, but my wife prefers to just play the game and learn as she goes.


My Friend’s House


Aerial View of Front of My Friend’s House


Friend’s House from the Suspended Bridge

Here’s an aerial view of my friend’s home. As I mentioned before, the bridge connects his home’s central structure to the top of my old home. For awhile he just enjoyed building towers that went straight up (and probably still does), but then we slowly worked on building a giant wall around the perimeter of his towers to create a large compound. There is one large tower in the center, and four smaller towers that are located near the four corners of the central tower. Four suspended bridges connect each of these smaller towers to the central tower. We are still working on finishing the inside of the towers and decorating. I’m not sure if he ever really had plans for what to put in the towers though. Also deciding what to put in them might be a difficult question since he can just use all the machines and work stations at my house.


Aerial View from the Back of the House


Top Level of the Central Tower with Bridge Connection


Middle Room of Central Tower


Passageway Connecting the Outer Towers to Central Tower


Inside One of Outer Smaller Towers


Lower Level of Outer Smaller Tower


Basement Level of Outer Tower

The four outer towers have two levels above ground and three levels below ground. The lowest levels are connected by underground passageways. Once again I get the feeling that the people I play with are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.



Waterwheel Area

Here’s one of the most interesting looking structures I’ve built in the game. It’s a huge system of waterwheels powered by a central waterfall that comes down from the ground level. The water cascades down a system of waterways and then spills over several water wheels. The silliest part about this system is that it has never actually powered anything (besides an energy storage device). Maybe some day when we finish building the towers we’ll actually put something inside of them that requires power.


Guard Towers on Hill

We also built a series of guard towers up on the hill overlooking the area, probably because you just can’t have too many towers. The tallest one extends all the way to the highest possible player build height. That doesn’t serve any practical purpose besides being cool and having a great view.


Older Picture of Home

My New House, The Dark Castle on the Mountain

I eventually decided that I wanted to create a ridiculously over-sized (compared to my old home) and grand new home on the peak of the tallest mountain I could find. This time I would build and design the home with space for all my machines and gadgets right from the start, rather than having to rework some of the space every time I built something new. I wanted it to be slightly dark and foreboding looking, almost like a haunted castle, and of course it had to have towers.


Walkway to New Home

I started by building a long and winding walkway from my friend’s house to my new house. I wanted the path to slowly reveal the grand castle structure off in the distance.



The path then leads to a courtyard directly outside of the home. I’m still not sure if I want this area to be grand or simple and run down looking.


Grand Stairway Entrance

Once one walks into the structure there is a grand staircase that leads to the upper levels. This is probably one of my favorite areas to look at in my new home, because I think the staircase came out really well. Tucked behind the staircase is a spiral stairway to the lower levels and charging stations for my tools.


First Floor

Here is the first floor above the ground level of the home. Ironically I spent quite a lot of time decorating and laying out this space, but I don’t do very much with it. I still enjoy having the space completed though. I even put a kitchen and bathroom in. For those people wondering, no you can’t use the bathroom in Minecraft. Maybe some day I’ll change the christmas decorations, but I suppose if I just put that off for long enough they will be appropriate again.


Second Above Ground Level.


One of the Eight Bedrooms Upstairs


Library Tower

The Library Tower is the tallest tower of the home. It has multiple winding staircases and bookshelves everywhere. It serves no practical purpose though, except looking really nifty.


Upper Basement and Workshop Area

This is an view of the lower levels of the home where the workshop is. The workshop consists of two floors. This area is the main reason I wanted to build a new home, so all of my machines could be hooked up, given adequate space, and so I could easily move around the machines.


Upper Workshop Area

I didn’t have windows originally, but I thought the area was too dark and gloomy. I tried to place machines here that were used to assemble and finalize manufactured items. There is one sub floors below each main basement level where all of the wire and item pipes are located. Almost every machine is connected to intelligent pipes which allow me to extract items from the machines and request materials for the machines to use.


Lower Workshop Area

The lowest level is where I store my machines that process raw materials such as ores that were just mined from the ground.


Item Storage Area

The lowest level also contains my item and material storage area. You can make a machine that stores everything inside of it and greatly streamlines the storage process, but I like the look of the physical storage area better. I decided to use storage drawers instead of chests since they have much higher storage capacity, and they can be linked together to effectively form one giant inventory.


Magic, Enchantment, and Monster Spawning Area


Magical Infusion Altar on Lowest Level

This is my witchcraft, monster spawning, enchanting, and potion area. It’s quite larger than my old one, but has a very similar look as far as color and block choices. This one has several different levels at varying heights, which are connected by multiple somewhat randomly arranged stairways. I wanted to create a look that is almost out of M.C. Escher painting and has a sort of organized chaos. In this area I have an space for brewing, enchanting, spell research, item infusion, experience storage, and monster spawning.


Aerial view of Home with Windmill Tower on the Right


Older Pictures of Home Construction

I think my new Minecraft home came together well in the end.It’s certainly much more usable and organized than my first home.


Underground Minecart Tracks


Track Drop-off Point

One of the last things I created was an underground minecart system that connects all our houses. The system is self propelled so users don’t have to do anything once the cart is launched. I don’t actually use this very often, but I thought the concept was fun, and the system would be useful for my friends I play with. I find it pretty fun to ride once in awhile, but the scenery isn’t all that exciting. Maybe some day I’ll build something similar to this above ground.

So those are some screen captures of things my friends and I have made in Minecraft. I’ll probably do a video walk-through some day in the future (once I figure out how to do that), but for now I thought I would put something together to give some examples of the things we’ve build together. I’m sure there will be some more Minecraft projects in the future as well.

Thanks for checking out some of my Minecraft projects!



About Boy Danger

I have many interests including clay sculpture, art, music, reading, writing, movies, and video games. I am hoping to share these interests through my blog and find other people interested in these things as well.
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