About Author

So, to begin, if I remember correctly, the inspiration for the name Boy Dangerous came from one of those silly randomly generated names a game gives you when you do not specify your own. I think the original name was Danger Boy, but I thought Boy Danger sounded funnier. The name had sort of a bad comic book hero from the 1960’s feel to it. I recall someone asking me where the name BoyDangerous came from once. The simple answer to that question is that when I tried to create an Xbox Live account, BoyDanger was already taken.

I have what I consider a wide variety of interests, many of which will hopefully show up on this blog some day. I enjoy video games, movies, playing piano and guitar, ceramic sculpture, politics, and current events to name a few things. I am currently interested in learning more about mosaics, ceramics, writing music, and computer animation.

My main motivations for creating this blog are to share some of my interests, find people with similar interests, and to have a reason to write on a more consistent basis.

I currently live with my lovely wife and cat in the northeastern United States. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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