Blender 3D Modeling Software

blender logo with text

Another program that I am trying to learn how to use is Blender. Blender is an open source three-dimensional imaging software package. At this point all I have done is a very basic tutorial. My hope is that I can use blender to model my ideas before making them out of polymer clay. My long time goal would be to start doing some animation work.

Currently Working on:

An Introduction to Blender 3D: A Book for Beginners  (PDF download)

If you don’t trust links to PDFs from websites, I don’t blame you, just do a google search for it. This is the book I am currently working on. It is for an older version of blender, but so far the information still seems relevant. A nice introductory guide with some good, but not always great, explanations and lots of images.

Previously Worked Through:

Blender Cookie: Blender Basics

My first introduction to using blender. An overall easy to follow series of videos, with a lot of good information. Sometimes it goes a bit fast, especially if you are trying to work in blender while watching the video, but you can always pause or rewind the video. Links to some more advanced videos are located at the bottom of the page (not all videos are free though).

Other sites:

Blender Guru

A rich collection of information and tutorials, but I haven’t had much time to look through it yet.


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