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Welcome to My Minecraft House

Some pictures and brief explanations of my buildings in Minecraft. Continue reading

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Dangerously Curious: Why do People Enjoy Scary Movies?

In this edition of Dangerously Curious we examine the Halloween inspired topic of why people enjoy watching scary movies (but well after Halloween at this point). Why do people want to pay money to feel unsafe, scared, or see images … Continue reading

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Exploring Some Fall TV Shows

I’ve recently had a chance to catch up on some of my most anticipated fall TV shows. I tend to enjoy science fiction, action, and super hero type shows (as you can see below), but I’m always open to some … Continue reading

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Next 90’s Alternative Song Selection: Haunted by Poe

The next song selection for my 90’s Alternative posts is Haunted by Poe (sorry, there is no official video). The album, also called Haunted, was actually released in 2000 (I know, this post is a complete sham already), but her first album, Hello, was released … Continue reading

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Exploring Some More Halloween Movie Picks

We continue looking at some more Halloween inspired movie selections. Luckily, I had some better results this time! Below are some quick reactions to three more films that you might enjoy this time of year.

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Some Recent Halloween Inspired Movie Picks

Warning, there will be potential spoilers ahead, though possibly not any worse than watching a trailer for the movie. Here are some of the recent Halloween movies I’ve been watching and some quick reactions. Maybe I’ll even find something good, … Continue reading

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Who are the “True Gamers”? A Sort of Response to “GamerGate” and Chris Kluwe

The other night I saw that my brother shared a post titled “Why #Gamergaters Piss Me the F*** Off” written by Chris Kluwe, a former NFL player and gaming enthusiast for the last twenty-six years. Fair warning, the piece is … Continue reading

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