Some Recent Halloween Inspired Movie Picks

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Warning, there will be potential spoilers ahead, though possibly not any worse than watching a trailer for the movie. Here are some of the recent Halloween movies I’ve been watching and some quick reactions. Maybe I’ll even find something good, but that might require a more rigorous selection process beyond randomly picking movies on Netflix!

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Dangerously Personal October 29th: RPG Maker, Weekend Trip, and Halloween Week

This past week I started using a program called RPG Maker, currently owned by Enterbrain, for the first time ever. RPG Maker allows those of us not as familiar with video game programming (or programming in general) to create top down role-playing games similar to what was made during the Super Nintendo era of gaming. Potential game creators can utilize RPG Maker’s streamlined graphical interface and fairly intuitive tools to create characters, skills, classes, maps, and other elements central to making a role-playing game. Continue reading

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My stance on GamerGate

Apparently the bloggers over at Healing the Masses were on the same wavelength as me when it came to posting about GamerGate today.

Healing the masses

I have kind of been avoiding this post and yet I don’t know why. I have broached on the whole Gamegate thing before but that was more a tongue in cheek account of events, not really a position per se. Usually I don’t shy away from the more controversial elements as they are ripe for a good rant but here, I didn’t feel like it. It isn’t for fear really. I threats and account hacking is ripe but I’m more of a small nobody on a small site focused on a niche area of gaming. That’s not where the the issues are stemming from nor is anyone really looking in this direction. It was more that this whole debate, both sides have been spammed so much that I was just over it. People far more intelligent and eloquent than me have written a wealth of posts that represent my feelings on the matter…

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Who are the “True Gamers”? A Sort of Response to “GamerGate” and Chris Kluwe

gamer gate image 5The other night I saw that my brother shared a post titled “Why #Gamergaters Piss Me the F*** Off” written by Chris Kluwe, a former NFL player and gaming enthusiast for the last twenty-six years. Fair warning, the piece is not for those who are easily offended. Also, I have read some summaries of what GamerGate is, but I am not that well versed in the issue overall, so please excuse me if I misrepresent anything. I enjoyed reading this piece for his “no holds barred” and uncensored reaction to the whole GamerGate fiasco, though some parts did feel a bit over the top. Kluwe argues that some Gamers (those people might label as “True”, “Hardcore”, or “Traditional” Gamers) are afraid of drastic changes happening to gaming culture and video games themselves due to the recent influx of new nontraditional Gamers into the gaming community (much of the focus has been on women during GamerGate). Some of these Gamers have posted highly inappropriate and sexist messages on Twitter using the hastag GamerGate, which Kluwe insists is now so toxic that all decent people should abandon it. My post touches a bit on my reaction to his comments but mostly deals with this notion he raises, one which I have heard of before, of the existence of people who label themselves as “True Gamers” (people who generally consider themselves to be the only authentic Gamers). This post is directed towards those who throw the term around as justification for attacking and degrading others and not those of you who are proud to be part of the growing and thriving gaming community.

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Exploring Some Recent Favorites: Halloween Video Game Meh… Edition

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First of all, thanks to for the Halloween fonts used in the graphic above. Check them out for all kinds of fonts!

For this Halloween edition of Exploring Recent Favorites I will be covering some horror and/or thriller games, which overall I wasn’t really impressed with but did not strongly dislike either. None of these are even close to being new games, so don’t expect a critique of the latest gaming software here. Continue reading

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The AGE OF ULTRON Avengers 2 Trailer Reaction

Tons of people have no doubt already put up a link for this trailer, but for those of you who have not seen one yet there it is. The trailer was apparently leaked the other day, which forced Marvel’s hand in officially releasing it early. I’m assuming they were originally planning to release the trailer with a new episode of their television show Agents of Shield in order to pull more people in to watching. Luckily Shield season 2 feels like a much better show than during season 1, so that should be enough reason to watch it already.

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Mosaic Weekly Project Update


This last week (or two weeks since I was ill last week) my project of choice was working on some mosaics. I am very new to creating mosaics, and this current work is only my second mosaic project (the first was the very basic grid you can see above). I cannot say exactly why I am attracted to working in this medium, but my Mother does quite a bit of work in stained glass and mosaics so maybe my interest comes from her. Mosaics (such as the ones I am working on) typically involve placing a flat picture on a working surface and then filling this picture in with many small colored tiles (typically 3/8 or 3/4 inches on a side), many of which are shaped by breaking off pieces of the tiles. Continue reading

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