Python Programming Language

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One of the activities I have taken up in my free time is learning a programming language. Several friends in the computer programming field suggested that I start with Python. My knowledge of programming is still very basic at this point, but I feel like I am slowly getting more familiar with it.

Currently Working on:

Principles of Computing offered by Rice University on (next class after Introduction to Interactive Programming)

Previously Worked Through:

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

This is a class offered on and was designed by the faculty at Rice University. The emphasis of the class is learning some of the basics of Python by designing interactive games. The creation of each game emphasizes the new concepts learned each week in the course. Games are designed on a website called code sculpture, which utilizes java script and some unique python libraries to make programming animated games fairly simple. The class does a good job of teaching basic syntax, data types, and operations in a fun and interactive way. This class is great for people who know a small bit about programming in Python and want to learn more about it (or reinforce what they learned before). Registration on is required to take this class.

Invent You Own Computer Games with Python

Learn Python by writing game code. This tutorial begins with some fairly basic (for programmers more experienced than me anyway) ASCII (text only) games and then moves on to more advanced games programmed with the aid of the Pygame module, which include graphics, sound, and more dynamic user input. Unfortunately, this learning tool has very little interactivity (it’s basically copying code, and then learning about what you did), but it does provide new Python users with some programming fundamentals, some neat tricks that I had not seen before, and a unique approach to teaching Python.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Covers a lot of introductory programming topics with several examples to work through at the end of each lesson. Overall, a nice and thorough tutorial to work though. This website also has more advanced topics to work through after user finish this tutorial.

Computer Science Circles

A great place to start learning Python! Does a good job of covering the basics of programming in Python and provides lots of examples to work through in each section. I especially enjoyed the multiple interactive examples located throughout each section that help reinforce key concepts as you go.


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