SC 2 1/28/2014 Featured 2’s Game

The not so Epic Last Game to Reach Gold! (but I’ll take it!)

I should start out by saying that we pretty much got rolled by the double Zerg team before this (double six pool, swarmhosts, mutas, fun stuff!), so winning this game against, let’s just call them, somewhat less skilled tacticians was sort of bitter-sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the win and the new rank! As for the questionable rankings of some players on the ladder system,  I’ve just kind of accepted that that is the new normal (not that getting obliterated by former master players is a fun time).

Screenshot2014-01-29 23_33_13 Captain and I decide to go for a pre-seven minute push with barracks and gateway units. Along the way we run in to the enemy army composed of marines and roaches (who apparently had similar plans), so we pull our units back to defend our bases at our large ramp. Our opponents, for some reason, chose to place their forces in a spot where we can form a great concave around them at the top of the ramp and easily get my zealots in to attack range. They then continue to reinforce troops to this spot after the battle, which Captain and I effortlessly pick off. Since I have not been spending my money effectively at this point, and we are ahead after that last battle, I suggest that we secure our natural expansions instead of attacking.

Screenshot2014-01-29 23_35_11 Our opponents decide to push again about 5 minutes later with a fairly sizable army of marines, roaches, and a couple of siege tanks. I have just scouted their bases with an observer, which revealed that they have just started their expansions. I know that if we can hold back this army now, the game is pretty much over for our opponents. I am a bit worried about the siege tanks, but luckily I just started building the Protoss ‘win the game unit’ as Captain calls it.

Screenshot2014-01-29 23_36_00My colossus finishes building just in time to  ensure that we win this battle. I also place down some force-fields to trick our opponents in to thinking that I am good at StarCraft (psych them out a bit!). As you can see, Teal’s tanks are not in a very advantageous position for this battle, and I do not believe they were even able to hit our troops at the top of the ramp.

Screenshot2014-01-29 23_36_21 With some effort, we dismantle our opponent’s armies, and the Zerg player leaves the game. The Teal Terran, however, has one last trick up his sleeve!

Screenshot2014-01-29 23_37_05Teal decides that he is going to go for one last drop at my base (because, that could definitely win him the game…). I suppose I sort of admire that never surrender attitude, but sometimes I have to wonder what exactly is going through a player’s mind (as in, do they really think this is going to win them the game).

Screenshot2014-01-29 23_37_27As you can probably decipher from this picture, Teal’s drop does not win him/her the game, and Captain and I get ‘the W’ for this game, and we finally secure our spot in Gold League!


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