SC2 11/27 Featured Game

I am Awful at Defending Cheese (Bronze Game)

Screenshot2013-11-27 19_34_43Surprisingly, from what I hear from other players, I have not gotten cheesed that much in the lower leagues. Unfortunately, this makes me start to get sloppy and not check for it. I also never seem to notice those dark corners in the edge of my base (seriously, did blizzard put in these random peninsulas just for cannon rushes?), until it is too late, which in this case was after I spotted a fast forge in my opponents base.

Screenshot2013-11-27 19_36_07So right about now, I am starting to understand that I have a major problem on my hands. After dealing with the cannons towards the bottom of my base, I made the unfortunate decision that he would probably give up. I suppose you have to admire someone who keeps pushing to make something work.

Screenshot2013-11-27 19_37_49I did eventually remove all the cannons from my base, but only after having to rebuild almost all my gateways. At this point my only real hope was that my adversary had become complacent and was not macroing behind the canons. Alas, that is not how the game went, and I started off the day with a loss. Although, really, when you think about it, cheesing someone on their first game of the day is BM.


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