SC2 12/16 Featured Game

Who Wants to See me Throw My Army Away!?

My opponent in this game was playing as random, so I made the decision before the game started that I was going to 4 Gate. My thought process behind this was that random players I meet on ladder often cheese, and if the other player is Zerg I might already be behind if I’m not expoing early. Also, why not mix it up a bit and do some cheesier plays?

Screenshot2013-12-16 21_43_25

I set up my four gate and successfully snipe my opponents third expansion with a warp in of some zealots and stalkers. Since I do not meet very much resistance, I decide to move on my opponents expansion right outside his/her main base as well (also a 4 gate is somewhat all in, so stopping feels like the wrong call). Hard to say if going back home right after destroying the third would have been a better call.

Screenshot2013-12-16 21_44_12

My push up my opponents ramp starts out promising, but I just don’t have enough units to break this position. I also expo behind this attack. Watching the replay, it looks like I probably could have made this work if I had just pushed a bit harder, but fighting up a ramp in to four spinecrawlers is never a great idea. My opponent reclaims his third soon after I retreat back to my base. Unfortunately, I should have been more diligent about destroying my opponents new expansions instead of basically just playing defense.

Screenshot2013-12-16 21_48_00

After I back off, my opponent soon decides that he/she is going to come try to break my expansion. I hold this pressure off fairly easily and only lose two pylons and a cannon. I see that my opponents army incorporates a lot of roaches, so I start making some immortals and moving towards colossus.

Screenshot2013-12-16 21_49_28Unfortunately, I freak out when I see my opponent has a fourth base and making the rash decision to send my army out. I also make the poor decision to go after this third base instead of his fourth, which was much more exposed. As you can see here, my positioning on my units is also lousy, and my immortals easily get snipe by the incoming roaches. I probably should have seen that my opponent was baiting me in to this position. I still have a lot of trouble against Zerg (I always have in 1v1), but hopefully I can keep learning and get better!


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