SC2 12/17 Featured 2s

The Wrath of the Nearly Felled Terran!

Screenshot2013-12-18 12_25_29

The Captain and I decide before the game starts to go for a rush on this map because of the quite large gap between the enemy bases that we can use to our advantage. I opt to go for a four gate build (stalker heavy), while Captain goes for a marine/marauder build. Our opponents both go for early (pre 5 minute) expansions, which makes us even more determined to push early to deny these. When we get there we see that the red Protoss was going for a stalker and void ray build, while the Terran was building a mostly marine and tank army.

Screenshot2013-12-18 12_26_02

We successfully destroy the red Protoss base with our push, and he/she decides to leave the game (apparently, very prematurely). We then move on to take out the blue Terran.

Screenshot2013-12-18 12_27_03

After a pretty messy push up the blue Terran ramp that was fortified with siege tanks and marines, we nearly break the blue Terran, but we decide to retreat when we do not believe we have enough forces to break him/her. When looking at this screenshot, it is difficult for me to tell if I could have taken his small army with a few more stalkers or zealots. At the very least maybe I should have considered hanging around and doing some more damage to his structures.

Screenshot2013-12-18 12_29_44

Also at nearly this same moment, Captain is being dropped by the blue Terran. It was a very good call on his part to cause some damage to one of us. This is almost certainly what kept him in the game. Captain is caught off guard and loses his command center from this drop. He does his best to rebuild after this,and I decide to build some dark templar to try to harass some of our opponent’s mineral lines. I also take my natural expansion. The blue Terran retakes his/her natural expansion and soon establishes a planetary fortress at another expansion point. Even though we could not destroy this planetary with our forces, I could of still harassed it was stalkers behind the mineral line (something to keep in mind for later).

Screenshot2013-12-18 12_30_47

The first push from the blue Terran comes about five minutes later. I handle the marines while Captain snipes the tanks from behind. Neither side comes out really far ahead, and we just end up trading armies. At this point I decide that I really need to grab another expansion and move to colossus to deal with our opponents marine heavy composition. Captain is still trying to reestablish his base and get his infrastructure back in order.

Screenshot2013-12-18 12_33_54

The final push of the game comes after I have two colossus out, but I have not finished thermal lance. I do not have enough gateway units in front of my colossus to shield them properly, especially without the thermal lance upgrade. Captain falls behind to snipe the tanks in the rear, but my troops fall too quickly to cause enough damage to hold back this push. Maybe if I had moved to colossus sooner, or we had gotten some more effective harassment going, this could have been a win, but the blue Terran played this pretty well overall by keeping us on our toes and having solid macro.


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