SC2 12/18 2’s Featured Game

Storms and Fungal is no Match for 3M (well, ultimately anyway)!

  • Captain: marine, marauder, medivac
  • Me: Blink stalker, high templar
  • Red Protoss: oracles, void rays, stalkers in to chargelot, high templar, and archon
  • Blue Zerg: roach, hydra, infestor

Screenshot2013-12-18 22_49_56

We decide to open the game by walling off the lower ramp, and Captain goes for a fast expansion behind this wall. After an initial scouting of the enemies base, I see that red Protoss has already taken two gases. This prompts me to keep scouting the red Protoss, and eventually he/she throws down a fast stargate. Captain and I both prepare for an oracle rush which does very little damage when it hits.

Screenshot2013-12-18 22_52_26

At about the 13 minute mark, our opponents move to stop Captain from grabbing another expansion. Our opponents catch us off guard with some psi storm attacks (when we had assumed that red Protoss was going for air units), but we have enough units to push back this attack and save Captain’s base. I have grabbed my natural expansion by this point, and Captain’s production really starts to kick in after his third base becomes operational.

Screenshot2013-12-18 22_55_32

Unfortunately, my base gets ransacked by a group of archons and zealots before Captain and I can defend it. Silly archons, leave Boy Dangerous alone! I feel like I never really get back on track after losing this base, especially since I cannot seem to hold an expansion for very long this game. Luckily Captain’s bases appear to stay relatively safe most of the game.

Screenshot2013-12-18 22_55_07

Our armies clash with our opponent’s army several times at this position on the map. Our units get fungaled and psi stormed over and over again, causing massive damage to them. Some times we come out ahead in these engagements and some times our opponents do, but neither side gains a sizable advantage. Even though we are losing a considerable number of units, Captain is able to constantly reinforce his forces with his large economy and infrastructure. My army that largely consists of stalkers is not very well equipped to deal with the Zerg hydralisks or Protoss chargelots. The psi storms from my high templar do help a bit though, but I probably should have moved towards colossus to help deal with this army.

Screenshot2013-12-18 22_57_27

We are finally able to gain some ground on our opponents, and we use this opportunity to destroy the blue Zerg’s gold expansion.

Screenshot2013-12-18 23_00_20

We continue to push our advantage and force a confrontation with our opponent’s remaining forces. We are able to clean up their armies with some effort, but at this point our opponents are nearly broken.

Screenshot2013-12-18 23_02_08

Captain and I finish off the rest of our opponent’s expansions, and the other team leaves the game after their last mining expansion falls. This game probably could have gone more smoothly if I had been able to hold more expansions, or I had tech switched to colossus. Ghosts would also have been a great asset to have, with their EMP ability, and mixing ghosts in to our unit composition is maybe something we should consider doing in the future as we get better at micromanagement.


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