SC2 12/26 Featured Game

Six Poolers are too Cool for School

Screenshot2013-12-26 13_21_19

I believe that my opponent was random when this game started. I initially consider scouting my opponent, but then I decide that I want to go somewhat brainless 4 gate all in rush style, so scouting my opponent  feels kind of pointless. Also, people who play random seem to often go for a cheesy style of play, so I choose to just concentrate on getting units out quickly. Maybe if he/she never gets scouted, they will think they have an advantage. My opponent helps continue this trend of cheesy random players by going for a 6 pool zergling rush build.

Screenshot2013-12-26 13_22_05

When my opponent’s zerglings reach my base, I am not ready for his/her attack. Even though I am not ready, I still half-smile to myself because I was anticipating some random opponent cheese. If I manage to hold off this early zergling attack though, the game should be mine for the taking. Still, zerglings running around in my base is not an ideal scenario.

Screenshot2013-12-26 13_22_32

My opponent decides to take down my cybernetics core first. I do not feel like this is nearly as valuable as my probes, but it does greatly delay my ability to get stalkers or a mothership core. My first zealot tries in vain to stop them.

Screenshot2013-12-26 13_24_53

I manage to clean up the first round of zerglings in my base and post a zealot at the entrance to my base. The expression if at first you don’t succeed, try try again comes to mind here, but I feel like that person wasn’t trying to beat zealots with zerglings.

Screenshot2013-12-26 13_26_05

Still, my opponent manages to force his way in to my base (I blame my zealot falling asleep at his post). During this time I have produced a mothership core and started working on warp gate research. My opponent does manage to take down a very unfortunate number of probes, but I realize that as long as he/she is not macroing behind this, then I should still be able to win.

Screenshot2013-12-26 13_28_47

Luckily, my opponent was not doing any sort of economic build up behind this. But let’s give him/her some credit here, they did build a queen. Also, drones are overrated from what I hear. My opponent sends me a warm farewell message, and then he/she bows out of the game. Maybe if I had just been a true gentlemen and lost this game like I was supposed to, we could have become best buddies. Alas…


3 Responses to SC2 12/26 Featured Game

  1. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope you fired that zealot for sleeping on the job!


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