SC2 12/3 Featured Game

Still Awful at Stopping Cheese, but Can Still Pull off the Upset Sometimes!

Screenshot2013-12-03 19_20_22

Who doesn’t love a good zergling rush? You thought you were just going to sit back and have a polite and friendly macro game against zerg, but then those zergling ruffians just have to come in and ruin everything! Ironically, I was probably in a better position for dealing with this because he played random (instead of positioning myself for the usual forge fast expand against zerg).

Screenshot2013-12-03 19_21_35That is of course, not to say that I handled this well. Being the true 6 pool rushing gentlemen that my opponent was, he decided to throw out a friendly GG (in other words, get out and let me move on to my next cheese victim!). Well as the expression goes, don’t count your zerglings before they hatch!

Screenshot2013-12-03 19_21_53At some point I finally decided that I should really get a mothership core. If I was better at staying calm during cheese attacks, I would of realized that this is the first unit I should of gotten in this situation. Luckily, I am sure that zealots love spawning just to get cut down by a bloodthirsty pack of zerglings.
Screenshot2013-12-03 19_24_56In what I find to be classic cheesy player style, if one cheese fails then the answer is obviously to try a different cheese (the gouda wasn’t a hit; try the cheddar!). If the exploding nydus worm did not tip you off, this cheese also failed.

Screenshot2013-12-03 19_28_07As the game went on, I got further and further ahead. Fortunately, my opponent did not expand until about the 14.5 minute mark. I know that I drag some games out way too long, but I would rather be certain of a victory than rush in for a win and possibly have my tactic backfire. Also, there is just something so rewarding about seeing a company of collosus melt a zerg army, especially when you opponent decided that the game was over a long time ago :).


One Response to SC2 12/3 Featured Game

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing quite like roasting hydralisks on an open fire (or extended thermal lance).


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