SC2 12/4 Featured Game

And What did You Think was Going to Happen?

Screenshot2013-12-04 16_56_24

I decided just to highlight a short game today, but I wanted to do it to ask an important question: why would you fast expand on a small map in PvP? I suppose if you can hold it, then you are ahead, or your opponent might chose to also expand to play it safe. Now, I think going for a quick expansion behind a couple of gateways or a robotics facility can be a solid strategy, but going nexus before 3 minutes feels like it is just asking to be rushed or cheesed.

Screenshot2013-12-04 16_58_57For me, it is just way too tempting to set up a four gate, charge in, and punish my opponent for being greedy. Photon overcharging the nexus does hold back the enemy for a time, but it can only last so long. Here we see a group of four heroic probes taking on the stalker army. Though I admire their courage, this battle did not end so well for them.

Screenshot2013-12-04 17_00_38Finally, the photon overcharge ends, and my stalkers can move in to finish off the expansion and that pesky mothership core (shown here exploding in a vibrant blue fireball, gotta love those new animations 🙂 ). I think I respond to early (or even semi-early) expansions with pressure more often than I should, but when a protoss expands this early, I just cannot resist.


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