SC2 12/5 Featured Game

Mass Void Rays is NOT Always the Answer (but often it is an okay one against Protoss)

Screenshot2013-12-05 19_53_45

Why hello there fellow oracle! That awkward moment where you realize the you are both oracle rushing… but after a quick high five to your oracle brother, you might as well keep going.

Screenshot2013-12-05 19_57_26

Somehow I knew he (she?) was coming! Unfortunately, my oracle rush was just as successful as my opponents. My opponent decides to drop down a base shortly after this, so I follow suit. The game then turns in to sit back and macro mode, with each of us securing two more bases. Considering I need to work on my macro, I decide that this is a good opportunity to practice it. Although, in truth, I also don’t have a very good sense of when to push opponents. I decided to go with a void ray heavy build, supplemented with some stalkers, and tempest.

Screenshot2013-12-05 20_04_46

I was not scouting very well in this game, so I did not know my opponents exact unit composition. After watching the replay I can see that it is largely composed of stalkers, some phoenix, and a few void rays. I am feeling pretty good at this point, but still a bit worried.

Screenshot2013-12-05 20_05_03

As the battle goes on for a bit, my opponent starts to build a very solid concave around my units, and the phoenix are absorbing most of the damage from my void rays. The void rays should be targeting the stalkers for maximum effect (bonus damage to armor with prismatic alignment active) in this battle. My micro in this battle is not very good, but it is very difficult to target the stalkers during this engagement. I am still not really sure if tempest are a good supplemental unit to have in a battle like this, but I probably would of been much better off with some archons, chargelots, or immortals. Sometimes, it can be just too tempting to try to use the mass void ray win button, and it can be easy to forget to build extra production structures (like warpgates) in order to quickly reinforce later.


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