SC2 12/6 Featured Game

It’s Always the Talkers

Screenshot2013-12-06 19_18_04

In my experience in StarCraft 2, when ever someone is very talkative, they are almost always cheesing. Some people are just friendly, but in general people don’t say much in StarCraft 2 games. So, when someone starts typing a lot, red flags begin to go off in my mind.

Screenshot2013-12-06 19_19_03

After some interesting conversation, centered around swapping racy pictures of our significant others (I did say no fyi, which was tough since he said they were quite good!), sure enough, here comes the zergling rush. I immediately start working on my mothership core and chronoboosting some zealots. Luckily, my opponent decides to go after my pylon, even though my gateway is currently powered by two separate pylons. I deal with the zerglings fairly quickly after the mothership core comes on the battlefield. 

Screenshot2013-12-06 19_20_49

‘Well there goes my rush’, my opponent chats to me. You took the words right out of my mouth. Now, if zerglings fail the first time, make sure to follow your zerglings up with more zerglings! To be fair, some people might go in to heavy macro after beating the first zerglings, leaving them open to an attack.

Screenshot2013-12-06 19_25_32

After just seeing zerglings out on the map, I decide to push with a four gate and end the game quickly. My opponent did hatch a couple banelings, but they did not help him very much. I think it’s fun to have a sort of quirky game like this once in awhile. Unless I lose to the zergling rush, then it’s of course, awful. I wonder if I missed some good pictures…


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