SC2 12/7 Featured Game

Not the Best, but a Win is a Win

Screenshot2013-12-08 00_12_06

So things start off well with the Captain and I. We go for a fairly early stalker / marine and tank push, and successfully destroy the zerg player’s hatchery.

Screenshot2013-12-08 12_40_21

Unfortunately, our push then stalls when we try to maneuver in to our opponent’s base. The zerg player decides to make some quick swarmhosts, and these units can do massive damage in the right position. We also probably could of organized the assault better by slowly moving our siege line up, instead of charging our way up the ramp, or just taken the hatchery and gone back home to build up additional forces. Losing our forces here was especially regrettable because our opponents had both secretly secured bases at this point, which would of been much easier targets to take out.

Screenshot2013-12-08 12_43_42

Our opponents then charge our base with a marine, marauder, medivac, and swarmhosts army. We push back the army, but the swarmhosts stay long enough to destroy my expansion, setting me back for most of the game. At this point I am beginning to doubt that we can win this game, so the Captain does what losing Terrans do best, starts doing lots of annoying (if you are on the receiving end 🙂 ) drops.

dave drop 1 dave drop 2
dave drop 3 dave drop 4

The Captain successfully took out a decent chunk of the terran’s infrastructure, and destroyed a large number of workers at multiple bases. I then took the extra money he had and turned that quickly in to units with my warpgates. Thanks to the Captain’s drops, we had a fighting chance again.

Screenshot2013-12-08 12_51_14

With the drops successfully putting our opponents on the defensive for awhile, we had time to start bulking up our armies again. After removing all of our opponents expansions with relative easy, we took the fight to our opponent’s main base again. This time, they were not able to put up much resistance. The terran player on the other team did have a fairly strong army, but it was moving to attack our base at this point so it could not help defeat our army.


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