SC2 2014 S1 1/13 Feature

Beatin’ Gold Toss Players ‘Nob’ Style!

Screenshot2014-01-13 14_19_47This was one of my 1v1’s versus a gold league player today. When I scout my opponent I see that he is getting two very early assimilators for gas. This means that my opponent is going for an early technology push. With Protoss, this usually means either oracles or dark templar. I decide to chrono boost an early stalker to try to apply some pressure to my opponent.

Screenshot2014-01-13 14_20_30When my stalker gets to my opponent’s base I find that there are no defending units there. My stalker is able to do some damage to my opponent’s workers and set him/her further behind. My unit also reveals that my opponent has an early stargate which is building an oracle. I decide to start building my own stargate to counter any oracles or void rays that my opponent produces. I also place some stalkers in my supply line to scare away any of my opponent’s oracles.

Screenshot2014-01-13 14_21_05Soon enough, my opponent’s oracle shows up in my base. Luckily I have already prepared for this so I receive minimal damage to my workers. My opponent decides to start an expansion, but I choose to stay on one base. Considering that my stalker did some early damage and his/her oracle attack failed, I am certain that my opponent has a smaller army than me.

Screenshot2014-01-13 14_21_31With this in mind, I set up a proxy pylon and start building up my army, composed of stalkers and void rays outside of my opponent’s base.

Screenshot2014-01-13 14_22_30After I build three void rays I move in to my opponents base. His army is also composed of stalkers and void rays, but it is significantly smaller than mine. I fall back and reinforce my army a couple of times, but eventually my opponent taps out. He throws out a polite gg and then…. wait, did he just call me a nob!? Well, takes one to know one!


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