SC2 2014 S1 2’s 1/14

A Solid Recovery After a Failed Push

Captain and I decide to go for an early game push against our two Terran opponents. He goes for a three rax and I go for a 4 gate.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_26_50 We move in to attack around the 6:30 minute mark, but Captain gets slowed down by reapers in his base. This unfortunately divides Captain’s attention and diminishes his ability to produce reinforcements.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_28_15One of the Terrans has already expanded by this point. We manage to do some damage to the enemies base and their troops but decide to fall back when one of our opponents starts producing siege tanks. We each grab an expansion and decide to start macroing and teching heavily, Captain to drop ships and fast upgrades and me to collosus. The enemy might decide to attack us, but we agree that taking the risk to get back in to the game is the best course of action.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_30_07 Our opponents do not appear to be expoing aggressively at this point, but they do a decent job of denying our expansions with some drops.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_39_03 Blue Terran drops a sizable force of marines and marauders in my base, trying to knock me out of the game. Luckily with Captain’s help and some collosus that just came out, we are able to obliterate Blue’s forces.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_40_27 I send out some scouts and find out that Blue has established an expansion along the bottom of the map. Since we just destroy a large portion of blue’s forces, we decide to move on this expansion. We trap Blue’s army between our forces and destroy them and the expansion. We back off when Red shows up with an army heavily fortified with siege tanks.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_42_28 The Terrans continue to deny most of our expansions with some drops. Unfortunately for them, we often pick off their whole drop force.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_44_24 We see that our opponents are moving in to the middle of the map, possibly to take out more of our expansions. Captain and I set up our forces to engage them since we believe we have the stronger army at this point.

Screenshot2014-01-14 22_44_52Thanks largely to my collosus, and the fact that there were very few vikings on the field, we are eventually able to whittle down our opponent’s forces. Red’s siege tanks cause decent damage to our ground forces, but we end up winning this battle because our opponents are not able to destroy my collosus. Our opponents try to hang out a bit longer, but leave the game after we destroy all of their expansions. Overall this felt like a pretty solid game, where we were able to recover from an unsuccessful push, some early reaper harass, and lots of drops to win the game.


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