SC2 2/6/2014 Featured Game

Dark Templar are Awful, Even When you Know They are Coming

Screenshot2014-02-06 13_23_11 My initial scout reveals that my opponent is grabbing two fast extractors. This signals to me that they are going for a higher tech unit and possibly some sort of cheese (DTs, oracles). I decide to keep scouting their base until I can find out what they are going for. I spot some semi-hidden pylons in my opponent’s base (which sometimes signals trying to hide a tech structure), but my scout dies before I spot any tech structures.

Screenshot2014-02-06 13_24_18 Later, I try to sneak an oracle in to my opponent’s base to try to snipe some of his workers and discover any hidden tech structures. Unfortunately three stalkers are waiting for me in his/her base, and my oracle quickly gets pushed away before it can scout any buildings or do any damage.

Screenshot2014-02-06 13_25_09I soon find out that my opponent is going for fast dark templars because my probes appear to be suffering from spontaneous combustion. Luckily the oracle I produced earlier is still alive so I can spot the DTs with its abilities. I unfortunately still lose a significant number of workers though.

Screenshot2014-02-06 13_25_35 I decide to push out with my army after I destroy the DTs in my base. I have lost too many workers to be competitive in a macro game, and many opponents try to grab an expansion behind a DT rush, so it feels like my best plan. I also have void rays, which my opponent may have no adequate response for since he/she invested so heavily in DTs.

Screenshot2014-02-06 13_26_15I cancel my opponent’s expansion at his natural and quickly pick off his/her small army composed mainly of stalkers and a couple DTs (I make sure to raze that pesky DT shrine first!). My main concern is that my opponent will destroy my oracle so I have no detection, but luckily I am able to keep it safe. At the same time my opponent is sporadically sending DTs to my base. At the end of the game I only had two workers still alive at my base. If my attack failed the game would have been over for me, luckily, I am able to finish off my opponent’s base and win the game.


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