SC2 2’s 2/19 Featured Game

 Not a Bad Game, but Couldn’t Seal the Deal

Here we are again for another 2’s adventure with the Captain.  We’ve had some rough days of SC2 in the recent past, so we’re hopeful that we can implement some changes and up our game. This game was against a double Zerg team. They both went for fast expansions at their naturals, and Captain and I decided to go for a 6/7 minute push (marine/ marauder, zealot/stalker/sentry).

Screenshot2014-02-20 18_16_07Our Zerg opponents apparently saw this coming because Purple Zerg has a good size group of zerglings waiting for us. Luckily, I built a decent number of zealots to help take these out. Teal Zerg is going for roaches, but was not able to get them out in time to save his allies’ base. So that’s one expansion down!

Screenshot2014-02-20 18_16_34 Teal Zerg has a handful of roahces and some spine crawlers out by the time we head to his expansion. We are able to knock that one down as well, but some zergling reinforcements from Purple Zerg cut off Captain’s reinforcements. Since we no longer have enough troops to keep attacking, we decided to fall back and grab some expansions.

Screenshot2014-02-20 18_18_03 Our Zerg opponents temporarily deny our expansions by moving their army up in between our bases. Captain and I decide to wait them out, rather than risk losing our armies (and possibly our main bases). We probably could have taken this out with a little bit of micro, but I would say there is nothing wrong with being a bit cautious after destroying two expansions. We finally manage to secure our expansions after the Zerg forces retreat.

Screenshot2014-02-20 18_19_18 One of our biggest mistakes in this game was forgetting about the gold expansion behind our natural expansions. Our Zerg opponents took their gold expansion, which put them ahead in resources, and also allowed them to harass Captain’s second expansion several times.

Screenshot2014-02-20 18_19_29 As the game progressed, Teal Zerg tried a few times to harass our bases with some zerglings. They did a moderate amount of damage, but were mostly just annoying. Teal Zerg later moved up to multalisks, which were more successful at destroying buildings and workers in our bases.

Screenshot2014-02-20 18_22_05At this point we know that if we let our opponents keep expanding we will lose the game, and that if we don’t force an engagement the mutalisks will continue to harass our bases. So we move our armies out to destroy one of Teal Zerg’s expansions. Unfortunately, I make the mistake of concentrating all my efforts on destroying Teal Zerg’s expansion and leave Captain to get surround by zerglings and banelings.  If my forces had been in front of his to absorb the baneling hits and redirect some of the enemy forces with force-fields, we most likely would of won that engagement. Teching up to get high templar or collosus would of also given us a definite advantage. So, in the end it was a tough loss, but on the plus side, not a mysterious one.


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