SC2 S 6 Week 3 Recap


  • Theme: Let’s do some more 4’s! But apparently not, win them…
  • Rank: Silver
  • Win/Loss: 1/5
  • Notes:
    • Doing some not so serious and 4’s games again
    • Wow, did that really just happen? I guess I can give some lame excuse about not taking it too seriously or something…


  • Theme: Let’s do some 3’s and 4’s!
  • Rank: Silver
  • Win/Loss: 6/4
  • Notes:
    • Doing some not so serious 3’s and 4’s games with some friends
    • Gotta roll random, though I am not so good at Terran…


  • Theme: Alright Short Day
  • Starting Rank: 3 Silver
  • Ending Rank: 1 Silver
  • Win/Loss: 3/1
  • Highest Ranked Opponent League: Silver
  • Notes:
    • I beat the same terran guy twice in a row, so at least I’ve got my that guy beating strategy down!
    • Still basically clueless against zerg, maybe soon I’ll have some time to sit down and study this match more closely


  • Theme: The Rough Week Continues
  • Starting Rank: 1 Silver
  • Ending Rank: 1 Silver
  • Win/Loss: 0/2
  • Highest Ranked Opponent League: Silver


  • Theme: Off to a rough start this week…
  • Starting Rank: 1 Silver
  • Ending Rank: 1 Silver
  • Win/Loss: 5/9
  • Highest Ranked Opponent League: Gold
  • Notes:
    • I feel like the competition has substantially increased in difficulty today, I’m not sure that my heart is really in it today, but I also feel like I found a lot of players who are trolling the bottom ranks (some admitted it to me when I asked), not trying to whine about it, people like this always show up in online games, and I’m sure I lost to players of the same skill as me as well
    • I think now would be a good time to step back and read some strategies as well as analyze my own, instead of just pounding out games (not that I play THAT many right now)

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