StarCraft 2 Professional Commentary

When I was playing StarCraft 1, I had no idea that it was played professionally (or really that any games were played professionally). When I tried to find gameplay footage of StarCraft 2 before it was released,  I found my first professional StarCraft matches on the internet (which lead to my first subscriptions on YouTube). Some of the first casters I found were Husky and HD, who I still watch to this day. The only other casting channel I have really taken an interest in is Life’s a Glitch Tv. I know a lot of people are in love with Day9, but I could never really get in to his casting style.

I enjoy watching StarCraft replays because they are easy to turn on for some background noise, or for some quick entertainment while I’m on my computer. I might have picked up a strategy or two from them, but I am not watching them under the, probably, false notion that I am learning a lot from them.

Recommended Casting Channels:

Husky StarCraft

Entertaining caster, not always the most knowledgeable or in to discussing strategy, but generally fun to watch

HD Starcraft

A bit more serious than Husky but still generally an entertainer more than an educator, but he is not posting much these days

Lifes A Glitch TV

Maximus Black and Nova War, they cast fan submitted games from all ranks, known for their ‘When Cheese Fails’ series, more popular for their personalities and stories than StarCraft knowledge, casts contain colorful langauge


Large number of videos from professional StarCraft 2 tournaments all around the world (many associated with Blizzards WCS series), usually videos contain full match from games including commentary and gameplay


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