StarCraft 2 Training

Helpful links and resources to help you (and me) improve at StarCraft 2.

StarCraft 2 Planner:

Visualize and Create Build Orders

StarCraft 2 Ranks:

Current and Historical Rank Information

StarCraft 2 Gears:

Replay Analyzer with all the Bells and Whistles One Could Ever Want (Warning, 3rd Party Program, Download at own risk)

IMBA Builds (previously GOSU Builds):

Large Catalog of Builds for all Races

Osiris StarCraft 2 Guide:

Lots of Information Including Builds, Timings, and General Strategy

General StarCraft 2 Sites:

Reddit: All Things Protoss

Team Liquid: Liquidpedia

SC2 Tutorials Revamped by Apollo SC2

First of all, these tutorials are not from Heart of the Swarm, but I think a lot of the fundamentals of playing Protoss have not changed that much in Heart of the Swarm (though I’m sure somewhat argue that point). I enjoyed this set of videos very much. Apollo, a professional SC2 caster and semi-professional SC2 gamer, goes through fairly basic and safe builds as he plays about 4 games per episode (4 total episodes). He talks about everything from what units to get, how many of them to get, when to expand, when to get additional structures, and many other topics. He starts near the bottom of the ladder and works his way through harder and harder opponents as he goes.

The builds that Apollo shows are what he refers to as ‘safe’ builds. He talks very little about ‘cheesy’ or ‘all-in’ builds and instead concentrates on very conservative builds and developing solid mechanics. He does try to include several different builds and play-styles though. Since these games are against real ladder players, he is also able to show you how to deal with various builds and attacks from other players, and he goes through his train of thought while in these games. Games don’t always go as planned, so it is nice to see how to handle these unexpected situations.

Apollo gives these videos a professional feel, explains everything well, and keeps a cool and friendly demeanor when dealing with his opponents (even when they are obviously upset when losing). I highly recommend these for fairly new to somewhat experienced players! Players new to the game may want to check out his videos on basic level play first. Apollo also has a set of tutorials for Zerg and Terran players, and he has a new set coming out for Heart of the Swarm (some day).

Things I Learned and Questions to Consider:

Episode 1:

  • go to options global variables to create locations for fast access (like your bases)
  • stop producing probes if not expanding (16 to 18 per base prior to this)
  •  7 or 8 gates on 2 bases with robo or stargate

Episode 2:

  • when to get forge?
  • build a templar archives to spend extra gas
  • ~15 gates on 3 base with 2 robo
  • attack from angle to get better arc, position before moving in
  • wall off with buildings later on, like on ramps, even after forge initial wall versus Zerg
  • twilight council after 1/1 upgrade, unless going for blink play
  • force fields for cutting army in half, not just blocking them off
  • think about games in terms of flow and scouting

Episode 3:

  • open up early stargate for phoenix harass of mineral line, requires much more micro though
  • check enemy buildings when scouting to see how close they are to completion
  • approximate ideal Protoss army (especially vs toss): 2 sentry, 5 or 6 archons, 8 collosus, 3 or 4 immortals, rest zealot and stalker (more stalkers though)
  • spread army out to left or right before engaging, be mindful of going in to chokes
  • consider nexus first versus Zerg with late pool (hatch first build)

Episode 4:

  • two stalker in to fast expo against Terran to provide early pressure to expand behind
  • in early pushes attack and then fall back to recharge shields
  • consider building robo early to get an observer
  • place pylon at potential expansion sites and in areas to spot drops
  • zealots should be built to act as buffer for collosus and other units
  • place an observer on patrol next to base to spot drops against Terran
  • when moving in build several spreadout proxy pylons for reinforcements

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