StarCraft Main Page

StarCraft is a real-time strategy game (RTS) for PC created by Blizzard Entertainment. I hope to include a brief summary of my experience with StarCraft, my current progress on ladder, and other topics related to the this RTS game. My goal is to do this is an entertaining and not too serious fashion.

My StarCraft Ladder Progress

My slow and probably not steady march up the SC2 ladder ranks, with updates about how I did, some notes, and the occasional game analysis. I’ m not currently playing SC2, so don’t expect many updates here.

Learning & Improving in StarCraft 2

Collection of resources I have looked over in order to try to improve my SC2 game-play, including some of what I have learned from them and my impression of how useful the source is

StarCraft 2 Casters

Some information on professional SC2 casters, highlighting some that I am particularly fond of

My Starcraft Experience

A little bit of my history with StarCraft

Miscellaneous StarCraft

Collection of random StarCraft related things such as amusing in-game conversations or situations, and comics (serious work in progress with probably very little here for now)


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