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First Danger Blog BiWeekly Recap

I am considering publishing some blog recap posts on a fairly regularly interval. The purpose of these would be to highlight some of my recent posts. Currently, I feel like doing one of these every two weeks might work out … Continue reading

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Who are the “True Gamers”? A Sort of Response to “GamerGate” and Chris Kluwe

The other night I saw that my brother shared a post titled “Why #Gamergaters Piss Me the F*** Off” written by Chris Kluwe, a former NFL player and gaming enthusiast for the last twenty-six years. Fair warning, the piece is … Continue reading

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Dangerously Personal October 10th: Beginnings and Endings

The events of two weekends ago¬†were very notable compared to most of my weekends and contained many moments related to our journey through life. I attended a memorial service and funeral for my paternal Grandparents outside of Baltimore on that … Continue reading

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